This page is designed to share various lacrosse equipment and reviews. Sticks, Goggles, Mouthpieces as well as Cleats. When choosing your equipment remember these 3 simple guides:1) is it approved to play 2) does it have a high safety rating? 3) does it feel comfortable?       

  • STICKS: A good lacrosse stick can make worlds of difference in your level of play. As a player it makes your game much easier to Pass, Catch, Recover, and Shoot.
  • Top 6 Ladies Lacrosse Sticks 2019
  • 1) STX Crux 500 ****all positions
  • 2) Under Armour Glory ***all positions
  • 3) Brine Mantra 4 ***all positions
  • 4) STX Crux 600 ***all positions
  • 5) Brine Warp ****defence & middie
  • 6) STX Exult 300 ***all positions
  • GOGGLES: This is a required piece of equipment in order to practice and take the field of play. I mean really, who wants to lose an eye? With so many choices to choose from we have narrowed it down to three. Remember, Safety and Comfort.
  • Top 3 Ladies Goggles 2019
  • 1) STX 4Sight ****
  • 2) Debeer Lacrosse Goggle ****
  • 3) Brine Vantage 2 ****
  • MOUTHPIECES: This is a required piece of equipment in order to practice and to take the field of play. Trips to the dentist just aren’t very much fun. Have braces? No problem. Remember Safety and Comfort first.
  • Top 3 Lacrosse Mouthpieces 2019
  • 1) SISU MAX Guard ****
  • 2) SISU AERO Guard ****
  • 3) SISU GO Guard ***
  • CLEATS: When it comes to cleats their are so many brands & styles to choose from. High Tops, Low Rise, Arch Support, Turf or Grass, ect…. Although cleats are Not required equipment to practice or take the field of play they can certainly improve your level of play, reduce injury and keep you off your butt from slips and slides. These selections below are designed for “Grass Fields” Remember, Comfort and Safety first.  
  • Top 5 Lacrosse Cleats 2019                               
  • 1) Nike Womens ZOOM     
  • 2) Under Armour LAX Finisher    
  • 3) Warrior Lacrosse BURN   
  • 4) Brine Empress 2.0     
  • 5) Nike Speedlax II

Keep in mind: You don’t always have to start off with the best of the best either.

The above selections have all been approved by US Lacrosse and the NCAA. These selections are based on Independent Study, Manufacturer Recommendation, Popularity with NCAA Players, Trainers and Coaches. The TVWLL does not endorse any of the above selections. The TVWLL is not affiliated with any brand or manufacturer of the above selections. The TVWLL does not receive any type of compensation for providing the above selections.