“A player knows if you really care or if it’s just for show.”.

Coach Shelly Wright. University of Houston

“Coaches coach more then just a sport. They also coach lives.”

Coach Beth Adams. Kentucky St. University

“A coaches job is to make sure a players spirit is never broken.”

Coach Reed Weathers. University of Alabama.

“A coach that thinks he knows it all, knows nothing about coaching.”

Coach Grant Holms. Ol’ Miss University

“A self taught coach can only teach bad habits.”

Coach Ross Kriese. University of Oklahoma

“You can teach your players to win or to lose. They follow your lead.”

Coach Lacey Brown. WNBA Coach

“You coach for your players, not for yourself.”

Coach Amber White. University of Colorado.

“Believe in yourself or no one else will”

Coach David Waterman. University of Florida.

“Believe in your players and they will believe in you.”

Coach Kenneth Mares. University of Arkansas.

“Being a coach doesn’t mean being a best friend.”

Dr. Sami Zoolandi. University of Miami.

“Players don’t have to love you, just respect you”

Coach Mary Hamm. University of Georgia.

“Players notice if you don’t care.”

Coach Zuri Urichik. University of Moscow

“If your not having fun neither will your players.”

Coach Jill Montgomery. Brown University.

“Only a coach can convince a team that they can win”

Coach Zoie Bush. University of Arizona.

“Whoever said ” its not about winning ” has never been fired as a coach.”

Coach Todd Shell. NCAA Head Coach

“A blind monkey can coach a great team and great players. It’s the not so great that define a coach”

Coach Barry Switzer. NFL Coach.

“Coaching made me a player. I just don’t dress out and take the floor.”

Coach Nadia Comaniha. Olympic Coach.

“I’ll take a great attitude and a whole lot of heart over talent any day”

Coach Bob Stoops. University of Oklahoma.

“No Practice, No Play, No Excuses.” Coach

Mary Colen. Florida St. University.

“A Great Coach Listens and Learns. Always has an Open Mind.”

Coach Chris Harbour. Georgia Tech. University.

“You continue to learn regardless of your experience as a coach.”

Coach Mike Ditkia. NFL Coach

“Champions don’t quit, they pay the price.”

Coach Herman Boone. TC Highschool. Alexandra, Virginia.

“Just because you played the game doesn’t mean you can coach the game. Just because you can coach the game doesn’t mean you can play it”

Coach John Thompson. Georgetown University

“Practice is where champions are made.”

Coach Amy Butler. North Carolina University.

“Teams win or lose, not just one player.”

Coach Kevin Heart. North Texas University.

“The practice field, where games are won.”

Coach Stephanie Cook. Minnesota St. University.

“Games are won before they are played.”

Coach Richard Kay. Duke University.

“Team attitude starts from the top down.”

Coach Josh Weeks. Harvard University.

“I don’t come to your job and tell you how to do it, don’t come to mine and tell me how to do it.”

Coach Bum Phillips. NFL Coach.

“A bad attitude will effect the entire team.”

Coach Kim Zee. UCLA University

“Play to win or don’t play at all.”

Coach Jimmy Johnson. NFL & College Coach.

“I can’t means I won’t.”

Coach Dave Spade. Texas Christian University.

“Respect everyone on the field.”

Dr. Kathy Mizzard. Louisiana St. University.

“Respect the game, Respect your opponent, Respect yourself.”

Coach Ross Weathers. North Carolina University.

“Love to practice, Love to win”

Coach Amy Wright. Penn St. University.

“Ex players don’t make the best coaches. I’m proof of that.”

Magic Johnson. NBA Hall of Famer. Los Angeles Lakers.

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

Scotty Pippin. NBA Hall of Famer. Chicago Bulls

“A Player only thinks about the game.” “A Great Player only thinks about the game and practice.” “A Championship Player thinks about Academics, Health, Attitude, Heart, Teammates, Practice and Games.” “Which are you?”

Coach Raymond Brooks. Stanford University.

“One players bad attitude will destroy your team from the inside out.”

Dr. Becky Anderson. University of Nebraska.

“Coaches do more then just coach players in a sporting game, they coach players in the game of life.”

Di Hoe. WKA World Karate Champion.

“Your style should be flexible like water not stiff like the branch. Always ready to adapt. Open hearted and open minded.”

Bruce Lee